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Holiday Theft

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Monica Palmer, Safety Administrator

Recreational Safety takes Responsibility and Control


Thanks to Vin Keenan for suggesting this topic and sending me information.

During this joyous season, more shoppers become victims of thieves.  Please take precautions that can help prevent you from becoming a victim this season.

In Antioch, California, police are dealing with a recent rash of thefts where the victims are in their cars, either parked or stopped at an intersection.  Antioch police are now warning of purse thefts happening while people are still inside their cars.  The brazen thieves smash the car windows and grab purses and packages then escape in vehicles without license plates.  This creates a very scary and dangerous situation for the victims.  This could happen in any town or city.  Be sure to keep your car doors locked and purses out of site. 

As you go from store to store, it can be tempting to leave bags and packages in the back seat of your car, and in plain sight of thieves. Be sure to hide your purchases or put them in the trunk, park in well-lit areas and lock your doors.

If you take packages to your car, but want to go back in for more shopping, move your car to another part of the parking lot, as thieves may have been watching.

The first, and perhaps most important, step in keeping your home safe is to be vigilant about locking up. When leaving your home, keep in mind that thieves don’t always enter through the front door. Make sure all the doors, including back and patio doors, are locked. And finally, check your windows periodically to make sure the hardware is secure.

Unoccupied houses can be potential targets for burglary, but hiding the signs of vacancy may fool thieves into thinking you’re still home. Leaving lights on, asking a neighbor to get your mail and setting automatic timers on holiday lights and decorations may give the appearance of being home.

I wish a safe and blessed holiday season to all.