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You, Too, Can Be A Trip Leader!

by Dianne Hilliard


Why lead a trip?

There are indeed benefits! You get to plan out all of the details which can be a great learning experience you can use in other aspects of your recreational activities, share a fun adventure with your Club friends, enjoy the personal satisfaction you will feel when your friends compliment your efforts and successes, and in most cases, participate in your trip for free!


Common Myths about Trips:


Myth: It’s too difficult to deal with the Board of Directors for approval for a Trip.


Response: In most cases, you don’t even have to deal with the Board. Putting together a trip proposal is a relatively easy process. You simply work with the Trip Chair, who helps you write a trip proposal and takes it to the Board for you for approval. Once the proposal has been approved, you make the necessary reservations; get a deposit check from the Club Treasurer if needed; put together a flyer and/or an article for the Club’s website and newsletter to promote your trip, and recruit participants for your trip during Club events. As members sign up, you, as trip leader, collect monies, keep track of who has signed up, get participants to sign a waiver, and then run your trip. It is common practice to put the cost of your trip in your proposal for the work that you do. And participants generally agree that they will happily pay a few extra dollars for your work. Finally, a trip leader traditionally prepares and submits follow-up articles and pictures for the website and newsletter.


Myth: It’s too difficult to lead a trip through the Ski Club.

Response: You decide how simple or complex your trip will be. You can come up with some very elaborate details, or keep it simple. For example, if your trip includes a group dinner, you could choose to (a) build the cost of a dinner into your trip, buy all the food, cook it, and serve it; (b) announce a potluck and have everyone bring a dish to share; (c) make reservations at a local restaurant, ask for a count of how many will attend, and have the participants pay the restaurant directly; or (d) let everyone make their own dinner plans.


Myth: The Board‘s “non-refundable” policy on trips isn’t fair.

Response: The Club’s policy says, “Trips are non-refundable unless approved by the Board.” The policy allows the Board to approve full or partial refund to a trip participant if there is no cost to the Club for the cancellation. If a Trip Leader fills his/her trip and ends up with a free trip, and a last minute cancellation which would prevent Trip Leader from re-selling the vacancy occurs, the Board may decide to charge the participant a small cancellation fee to offset non-refundable trip-related costs already incurred.


Myth: Members will complain about my trip.

Response: Yes, in a group setting, inevitably, one or two will complain. But the majority will compliment you greatly, letting you know you are appreciated. Some trip leaders will tell you this is the best reward and the best part about leading a trip. If you are interested in leading a trip or have questions, click on the Trip Guidelines, or contact or e-mail us at:


Thinking of leading a trip?  Click on the forms below to get you started.  The Trip Chair would be glad to walk you through the process.


Please ask our Trip Chair which of these forms you will need to organize, plan and submit your trip for Board approval.  Simply click on the linked form below and it will be downloaded.