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President's Message

A message from Dianne

The View From the Top


Well here I am, once again President of the Reno Ski and Recreation Club. Why did I come back? I love this Club, it is family to me. When I first moved to Reno over 32 years ago, knowing almost no one in this town, I was fortunate to find this Club and it changed my life in a very positive way. I have no doubt that my life would be different without it. I have made more friends than I can count, had conversations with people from all walks of life, visited places on Club trips I might have never gone to, skied down slopes I wouldn’t have without fellow RECR’s to guide me, participated in something like a billion TGIF’s and social and recreational activities, and have had so much fun! The memories are tremendous. And so is this Club and my dedication to it. So here I am, once again your fearless leader. 

What a challenge we are experiencing – a social and recreational club in a time of social distancing. Well, we just have to be creative and figure out some alternative methods for socializing and recreating. We have all been forced to do that in our own lives, workplaces, with families, the list goes on. So we will do so with our Club. As I write this we just had our first outdoor TGIF in a park – something that we can now do with our Governor’s “phase two” COVID plan. It was a huge success and those who attended agreed we should do this again. As long as we are able to, we will continue this while the weather is warm. When it gets cold, if we are still social distancing, we will try Zoom get togethers.  If you haven’t yet tried one, they are a lot of fun! Again, creative socializing!

We have a fantastic Board of Directors for this year. I am so happy to be working with them, as they are all committed and true team members. Welcome Pat Deenihan, Sug Miles, Lynn Taylor, Todd Betterton, Shirley Distad, Claudia Fisher, Gary Rose, and Steve Kelly as our Past President. And although not a board member, Robert Newbury, our Webmaster, is doing invaluable work. We have a few vacant board positions, but we also have had many changes with technology and our website which has automated some processes. And with fewer activities and trips due to COVID-19, I am confident that we are in good shape with the board members we have. The changes we have experienced over the years have brought on the need to take a look at our board structure to potentially make some changes. More to come on that topic later.

Otherwise, it’s summer, my favorite time of the year! Time for outdoor recreational activities! Go out there and enjoy!

Keep recreating,