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President's Message

A message from Dianne

The View From The Top

Summer is here! Well, at least some days it feels like summer; Mother Nature seems to have a lot of “swing” weather lately. But that’s Nevada!

We have a fabulous, dedicated board of directors – every one of them put their names on the election ballot and was re-elected. Please give them a big thanks for the work they do for you, our Club members. All positions are filled, and we are ready to go. I am happy to once again serve as your President as this Club brings so much happiness to me, with our activities and camaraderie that result in friendship, fun, and good times. Thanks to all of you who voted.

Your 2022-23 Board of Directors:

Dianne Hilliard, President                          Janet Bills, Vice-President

Sug Miles – Treasurer                                 Sally Collahan – Secretary

Todd Betterton – Vice President Social   Tom Gorey, Vice-President Skiing

Lynn Taylor Wilbur – Newsletter Editor    Robert Newberry – Vice President Membership & Public Relations

Let’s give them a round of applause!

And as always, if you have any feedback on the Club, don’t hesitate to let me or any board member what is on your mind. We will take any suggestion to the board who will listen and consider any/all feedback.

We will have our June general meeting at LaFonda and then we will move to the Snowflake Pavilion at Idlewild Park, complete with our traditional BBQ’s, for our summer meetings in July, August and September.


Deb Campbell and Shelly Steele recently led a fun hike followed by a lunch featuring margaritas - thanks for these two for stepping up.  Despite a windy weekend, we had a blast at the Washoe Lake Camping trip. We managed to use RV’s, trailers and trucks to form a “wind block” which allowed us to enjoy the outdoors without being blown away. A huge thanks to Dan Lutterman and Todd Betterton for leading this trip.  


Check out our social calendar for more summer activities!


Keep recreating,