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President's Message

A message from Dianne

The View From The Top

February 2024


Happy February!

We are finally getting some snow! After last year’s records amount of snowfall, it’s somewhat hard to get back to “normal” with so many anxious for any amount of snow to fall. Let’s hope it keeps falling in our mountains!

With the recent snow we are getting back to scheduling some social ski days. Thanks go to Gayle Sherman, Peter Callison and Ron Percivalle for leading our last social ski day at Mt. Rose, and to Peter Olsten for leading one at Heavenly and again at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center along with Tom Gorey. It’s easy to lead a ski or snow related activity; just pick a date, a ski resort or place to snowshoe, etc. and a meeting time and place at least one week in advance and let Peter Olsten know He will check our calendar and if no other activity is scheduled, we will blast it via email to our members. Then just show up and meet and greet your RSRC friends and have fun with them! We have some new people who are looking to ski and recreate with our Club but don’t know many of us, so an organized meeting time and place really helps out our newbies. It’s also great for our existing members. Any takers to step forward? We need you!

We are also working on possibly having a social ski day and BBQ at Sky Tavern. We will keep you updated.

What fun we had at a recent TGIT at Columbia Sportswear. I think most all of us found a great deal to purchase! The store provided some light refreshments for us and gave us an extra discount – and there was a lot of merchandise on sale already.

We have been having some great speakers at our general meetings, thanks to some great suggestions from members and to Janet Bills for obtaining our speakers. I was disappointed that I was out of town and missed our January speaker regarding the airport construction. And thanks Janet, for running the meeting in my absence.

If it is not yet sold out by the time you read this, think about signing up for the Valentine’s Day Dinner at Louis Basque Corner. A Basque group dinner is always fun and no one leaves hungry!

Keep recreating,