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President's Message

A message from Dianne

The View From The Top

What challenges we have faced this year. A worldwide pandemic, social unrest in our country, and now another unprecedented event – fires on the west coast like never before. 2020 has brought challenges to our Club. Let’s look at our mission:

The Reno Ski and Recreation Club is a social club for active adults who enjoy snow sports with an emphasis on skiing, group social activities, year-round outdoor recreation, and trips.

When the pandemic hit, fulfilling our Club mission became difficult. We have found some creative ways to have some TGIF and outdoor events, but let’s face it, we have had to severely limit our activities.

Now we are coming up to our Membership Drive. Some members might be thinking that with limited activities, and an unknown time frame as to when things will get back to normal, they will not bother to rejoin this year. For those of you in that category, I urge you to reconsider. This is a critical time for our Club.

The Reno Ski and Recreation Club has been around for more than 40 years and although there have been many changes, we have remained a solid Club. So many friendships have formed, relationships built, fun times have been had, and special memories made.

If too many members abandon us now in hard times, the Club may struggle to survive. We ask you to stick with us. Recognizing that we will not be able to offer our members as many activities as during good times, the Board of Directors has agreed to reduce the membership fee for the 2020-21 year from $40 to $25 per member. Our budget this year will suffer from the reduced membership fee in addition to the loss of our main fundraiser, the Reno Air Races. Our expenses continue such as insurance, storage, website fees, etc.  But we have money set aside for a “rainy day.” And it doesn’t get any “rainier” than this!

So please, renew your membership – only $25 this year! The renewal timeframe is from September 1 through November 30, and your membership will be valid through November of 2021. Visit our website and click on “membership.”

Focusing on current activities, our calendar is full for September! We have two trips, Sierra City led by yours truly, and Davis Creek camping led by Todd Betterton. And a big thanks to Doug Barr for leading the miniature golf tournament and for hosting a Monday Night Football party in a few weeks. Our outdoor TGIF’s will continue for as long as the weather allows.

Keep recreating,