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Great Basin Outdoor School

At Great Basin Outdoor School students enjoy day field studies and multi-day overnight ecology camps in spectacular natural settings on Nevada’s shoreline of Lake Tahoe and other local sites.  Students hike, snowshoe, learn local ecology with hands-on, standards-based activities, and volunteer on conservation projects.  Teachers receive professional development courses and young adults get leadership training and experience.  Great Basin Outdoor School operates exclusively in Nevada and has served thousands of children and adults as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit since 1998. ​

Reno Ski and Rec Club members help host an annual tasting fundraiser at Ben’s Fine Wine & Spirits to help include children in need in outdoor programs.  The event’s success and popularity continue to grow each year and provide a valuable community service.  Members also help in many other ways including sponsoring T-shirts for children, volunteering, tasting at Ben’s on almost any Friday evening, purchasing local field guides, and making donations.​

Reno Ski & Recreation Club life member, Suzie Jacox, helped found Great Basin Outdoor School and sincerely appreciates Club support for the kids.   (

If you are interested in getting involved with Great Basin Outdoor School, please contact:

     Suzie Jacox


     Great Basin Outdoor School

     1000 Bible Way, #53

     Reno, NV  89502​


In case you are wondering, in addition to their respective given name, each Great Basin staff, leader, volunteer designates a "nature or spirit" name for themselves, i.e., at the school Suzie is referred to as "Sky."