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It is time to renew your Membership for 2023/2024!  Please use the link below to access the membership application.  Your membership renewal must be submitted by November 30th. 

Board of Directors 2023-24

Our Club's Board of Directors

President:  Dianne Hilliard

Vice-President:  Janet Bills

Treasurer:  Garnet Nielsen

Secretary:  Gail Karppinen

VP Skiing:  Peter Olsten

VP Social:  Todd Betterton

VP Membership:   Robert Newbury 

Newsletter Editor:  Lynn Taylor Wilbur

Thanks for keeping our club active.

Recreational Safety takes Responsibility & Control

Safety is important to everyone, every day.  We provide a variety of safety tips and information on every month.  But safety isn't something you do once in a while.  Safety is something you do every day.  To help you stay informed, we are providing all of our safety tips, both current and archived, as this practical advise never goes out of date.  Please follow the link below to view the safety information available to you.

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Looking for Local Fun Events?







For a list of events in the Reno/Sparks area, click here.

For Fun Things happening at Lake Tahoe, click here to visit the Lake Tahoe Visitors Bureau.

Mark Your Calendar

Sept 20 - Game Night @ South 40

Sept 22 - Open House at Liz Winter's

Sept 29 - TGIF @ GSR Crystal Lounge


New Event

You too can plan an outdoor activity, a social gathering, a trip, or just any event you want to share with your club friends.  Get you event posted here.

Contact us with your idea.

A message from Todd, VP Social

The days are getting longer now that we have entered Daylight Savings Time, and hopefully Spring will bring us warmer, dryer weather. With this in mind we will start finding venues with outdoor patios, and the ever popular outdoor TGIF's in the park...

As, always, if you are out and about and find a restaurant/bar that would be a good fit for us, please get contact information and send it to me...also, if you would like to open your home for a social event let me know and we will get it on the schedule...Everyone stay safe and healthy!